jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2011

Este es el abstract de nuestro proyecto que utlizamos para el último concurso en el que estamos participando. Fue traducido por Mariana Rodriguez

This project aims to make the traditional children’s play —also referred to
as “popular” play— the key element to integrate different communities, creating
group dynamics based on its language and thus filling the streets with joy.

Play was the first human activity. By means of colorful lines and geometric
shapes, a special area is created, in which social parameters are left aside. This
area develops in an open space, the street, in which children interpret their

The project’s aim defies the logic of “indoor gallery art”; it must be understood as a
metaphor of children’s street play, in which they interact and share their creativity
in public areas. Meanwhile, the spectator becomes part of the spectacle as he is
invited to play too. In this way children, teenagers and adults belonging to different
communities take over the public areas and work to infuse creativity into places
usually neglected in this sense.

Our proposal is aimed primarily to urban ghettos in which the adaptation of
traditional children’s play, as well as painting, to generate a cultural exchange
between the communities, in order to rescue naturally banished from sports and
playful activities.

Consequently these areas are transformed by incorporating abstract notions and
principles that generate a dialogue between the reality and the imagination of its

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